Custom Jewelry

*Engagement rings

*Wedding bands

*Heirloom redesign

*Remembrance jewelry

*Personalized gifts

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*Custom designs typically take 3-5 weeks from start to finish.*  

Design Phase

Email me your ideas, thoughts, and any questions you may have. If you are not 100% sure what you are looking for, that's what I'm for!  I am here to help and guide you through the process.  Pinterest boards, photos, and sketches are extremely helpful to get a sense of your or your loved ones style.

Information to consider:

*Size (ring sizes, necklace lengths, etc)

*Metal Preference (sterling silver, 14K yellow, white, or rose, 18K yellow, white, or rose, platinum)

*Time Frame (if you have an event or day you absolutely need this by, please let me know)

*Budget (this is optional, but highly suggested for engagement rings) 

Once all information is submitted, I will design a model and email you images and a price. At this point, you can make any changes you'd like to the design. When you are satisfied with the design, 50% or the full amount of payment is required to move forward.  If we are reusing any of your materials,  please pay prior to shipping.

Production Phase

Your custom jewelry will then be 3D printed, cast, cleaned, polished, and set. I will keep you updated with photos of your jewelry in all the different stages. (Check my Instagram!)

Extra Services

*Jewelry Appraisal

*Cash for Gold

With over 10 years experience in jewelry design, I will work with you to create a truly meaningful work. Contact me at to get started!