Ring Checklist

So you made up your mind and you decided to propose. One problem, you still need to find your partner the perfect ring! Before making the big purchase, check out this quick Engagement Ring Check-List so you’re fully equipped to make the best decision possible!

There are a few methods to find out a close approximation of ring size, but the most reliable way would be to have them sized by a jeweler. If you’re going for the element of surprise, Mosette Jewelry offers several printable sheets you can use to sneak a ring size without them knowing. Just remember to choose a ring they wear on their left (or right) ring finger! Word from the wise, a little larger is always better than a little smaller. You’ll want them to be able to wear the ring when you propose! Mosette Jewelry offers first time complimentary ring sizing in the event the ring does not fit correctly.

Would your future fiance like something simple, or are they into ornate details? Maybe they're funky and would like something modern and alternative? Browse our Bridal section, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for inspiration when thinking about their style type.

White, Yellow, or Rose Gold? Maybe even Platinum. Platinum is your more expensive white option, with good reason….it’s denser, stronger, and requires less maintenance. I see white gold and yellow gold as the popular choices these days, but rose gold is becoming more and more popular. Do some snooping and find out what color they wears the most of by checking their jewelry box!

Round, Pear, Oval, or Square? You got a bunch of options on this one! Personally, I think this answer matters the most. Round is your classic, can’t go wrong, choice but if they've mentioned any other shapes to you I would follow those orders! You can sneak this question into a conversation and learn a bit more. ;)

You’ll never be pressured to spend more than you want to! Mosette Jewelry can create a beautiful engagement ring at a price point you’re comfortable with. I’m happy to work with you and your budget to create a completely unique and stunning ring for your future fiance!

Now, let’s get started! Contact Megan to begin your consultation!