Owner, Designer


With almost 17 years experience working in the jewelry industry, I am well versed in designing and creating fine jewelry. I absolutely love working one on one with my custom design clients and it is my goal to provide an enviroment where they feel comfortable to express their design ideas, thoughts and concerns and together we can create the jewelry of their dreams!I attended Temple University's Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia where I earned my Bacholer's degree in Fine Arts. My studies there were focused in the Jewelry/Metals/CAD-CAM program.  During and after college, I found Downtown Philadelphia's Jeweler's Row where I bought supplies and goods and created realtionships with many of the small jewelers there. After graduation, I  worked as a CAD designer for a fine jewelry manufacturer for many, many years. It's there that I really learned the tricks of the trade and got alot of hands on experience, designs, making, and selling jewelry. 

In 2015, I started my business Mosette Jewelry (MJD). It went from being  sterling silver jewelry I'd make my family for Christmas and birthdays into a full jewelry business selling engagement rings, heirloom redesigns as well as collection pieces I've designed. It didn't happen overnight but I'm absolutely in love the company that I've created. I'm proud of all the hard work and beautiful jewelry I have created.
I chose the name “Mosette” for my business because I wanted a name to express who I am. Mo, Mosey, and Moseywood were all nicknames my mother gave me as a child, and the word “Mosette” I created from that to represent growth and maturity.  

I believe a person’s jewelry tells a story about who they are. Their future, past, and present.  I believe our pasts are always with us and we decide how to let it manifest in our present day lives. That’s why I love reinventing heirloom gemstones into something new and unique. Whether it’s from your grandma’s, your ex-boyfriend, etc….your past is your past so why not honor it? In jewelry form, nonetheless!


MJD’s promise is, first and foremost, badass jewelry that you will LOVE! Let it be something made from your heirlooms, a new diamond engagement ring, or a memento mori; we will create something sentimentally valuable. Most of my clients meet me as strangers and leave as friends and our meetings typically delve much deeper than just jewelry talk! Connecting with the person designing and making your jewelry is a unique and intimate experience which spills over into the work of art itself.