Regular use of chemical liquid jewelry cleaners is discouraged to prevent metal discoloration. Remove jewelry before swimming, showering, or using household chemicals, especially those with bleach or ammonia. Sterling silver requires minimal care but may tarnish over time due to contact with skin oils, makeup residue, dirt, and air. Store silver jewelry in a container or jewelry box when not worn to prevent discoloration and tarnishing from exposure to open air. To maintain sterling silver's shine, wash with soap and warm water, then gently polish with a soft cloth. Gold and platinum care is similar, needing occasional polishing to revive luster.

Care for gold and platinum is very similar to sterling silver. Though these metals will scratch less and tarnish much slower, a gentle wipe with a polishing cloth every now and then may help revive your jewelry's luster. For 14K white gold, there is a special plating know as Rhodium which enchances the white color and mirror-like shine. Rhodium, like all plating material, eventually wears off. Reapply every 8-12 months as needed.


How often should I rhodium, dip, or plate my white gold jewelry?
--Rhodium, like all plating material, eventually wears off. Expect to have this reapplied every 8-12 months as needed..