Our process begins with a personal consultation, either in person or virtually, where we delve into our client's vision for new jewelry. We attentively listen to their ideas and preferences, examining any materials and gemstones they bring along. This collaborative approach ensures a bespoke creation that resonates with their individual style.

CAD Design

Following the initial consultation, we meticulously craft a 3D model of the desired jewelry, incorporating every detail discussed. Through realistic renderings, we provide visual representations to ensure precision and alignment with the client's expectations. This iterative process guarantees the creation of a piece that embodies their unique vision, perfectly.

Wax Approval

Once you approve the 3D model, we proceed to create a wax model mirroring the finished jewelry. This tactile representation offers a tangible preview, ensuring alignment with desired proportions. Clients can inspect every detail, fostering confidence in the final product before moving forward with production.


Following wax model approval, we commence jewelry production, addressing any necessary tweaks. Casting, cleaning, polishing, and stone setting ensue, culminating in the final product. This process typically spans 2-3 weeks, resulting in a comprehensive timeline of 4-6 weeks from inception to completion, ensuring a seamless experience.

Pick Up & Shipping

You have the option to either collect your jewelry in person or have it shipped to you for convenience. Upon receiving your jewelry, if the size isn't perfect, we'll provide the first sizing adjustment at no additional cost. Our priority is ensuring you, our valued customer, absolutely adore every aspect of your new piece of jewelry!

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